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Welcome to the harmonious blend of rhythm, art, and flavor that is Iron Fest Music & Arts Festival. Our rich tapestry of vendors is more than just a backdrop; it's a living, vibrant part of our festival's spirit. Each one has been carefully handpicked to offer you an eclectic array of unique treasures, handmade crafts, and original artworks that embody the bohemian spirit and indie charm of our event.


Our food trucks serve as the beating culinary heart of the festival, creating a moveable feast that brings the world to your plate. From gourmet sliders and wood-fired pizzas, to exotic international cuisine and locally sourced vegan delicacies, there's a taste adventure waiting for everyone. Our vendors and food trucks are more than service providers; they are performers on our grand stage, each playing their part in the symphony of sensory experiences that is Iron Fest.


So, explore, discover and delight in the unparalleled blend of culture, creativity and cuisine that can only be found here at the Iron Fest Music & Arts Festival.  So check back regularly to see our food and exhibitor vendor list and get your tickets today!

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