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Welcome to the dynamic hub of collaboration that underpins the Iron Fest Music & Arts Festival - our esteemed group of sponsors. The festival thrives on the generous contributions and shared vision of these incredible organizations and businesses. Their funding breathes life into every guitar strum, brush stroke, and sizzling delicacy that defines our event.

These are more than sponsors - they are the silent headliners of our show, playing a pivotal role in creating the immersive experiences you love at Iron Fest.


Every sponsor is unique, bringing their individual touch to the festival, and we encourage you to explore their rich diversity. From local start-ups to multinational corporations, their stories resonate with innovation, enterprise, and a dedication to enhancing community experiences. Like the many notes in a grand symphony, each sponsor plays an essential part in the beautiful melody that is Iron Fest.  You can find out how to become a sponsor here: 

Platinum Sponsors
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Bronze Sponsors
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Music Sponsors
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Iron Fest Benefits the Following Organization

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