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SKODA Records New Album

The band recorded their new album of original music to be released in July at our Iron Gate Records Latin America studio in Merida, Mexico. We spent a week working in the studio while also enjoying some of the local culture and beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage city and capitol of the state of Yucatan.

Working with our partners, the band focused on recording using some of the older techniques in studio while also eliminating the robotic tempos created by using a grid system and quantizing the music. Lead engineer, Carlos Torres assisted the band by working from the drums and aligning all other instruments and vocals to that track while also doing multiple takes and "comping" the best results.

What is comping?

Comping is a process where you use the best parts of multiple takes and piece them together to make one ‘perfect take’. Being the imperfect beings that we are, capturing a ‘perfect take’ in one go is not always possible.

Audio engineers remedy this by recording multiple takes, compile the best parts to make a single performance. Although comping is done on any instruments, it's a technique mostly used when editing vocals.

Vocal comping is a vital part of commercial music production as it’s the most central aspect of most popular songs. It’s unlikely that the vocals on the songs you’re listening to today are not comped.

The Album

SKODA has written seven new songs for this album comprising a combination of driving rock beats and ballads while also leveraging the band's unique sound. "We didn't want to try to sound like anybody else in our writing and musical instrumentation.." said lead vocalist and writer, Ethan Kress.

Focusing and continuing the life experienced themes from their first EP, "Childhood Sanity", the new album is a more mature and diverse set of lyrics with less production. The end result is an album that is both a throwback to the rock era while expounding on the issues of today's life lived.

Drummer, Matt Skoda commented, "We are really proud of the latest work and our band has worked hard to develop our own sound. I think the musicianship and vocals are a step up from our first release while also offering a new side of the band's music.."

Of course, it wasn't all work and the band was able to enjoy some of the local venues and culture while in Mexico. Stay tuned for the release of our "behind the scenes" video and our new album. In the meantime, enjoy some of our experience through the pictures below.

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