• Mark A. Skoda

SKODA Wins "Battle on the Mountaintop"

SKODA competed in a battle of the bands in Belvedere, Tennessee at the Circle E Guest Ranch. The event, "Battle on the Mountaintop" allowed SKODA and the other competitors to showcase their talents to a great local crowd who were celebrating birthdays and anniversaries at the venue.

The band battled it out for a 1st place win and a $1500 prize on Saturday, the 7th of August.. After performing four of our originals, it came down to a sing off where we offered up our take on a Stevie Ray Vaughn classic, Pride & Joy. The crowd went wild and the final decision by Nashville artist Brandon Lee was for our band. We had such a blast and really appreciated the competition and the great reception in Belvedere. A big shout out to the folks at Circle E Ranch for hosting the Battle on the Mountaintop. And thanks to Brandon Lee for judging the event.

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